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Essay #1 —

Definition Paper


Tangible or abstract noun

Due: Oct. 6 at midnight



300-500 words


HOT MEAL format


H - Hook (choose one of the five)

O - Offer a bridge or background

T - Thesis (3 points with parallel structure)

(For your thesis, put your subject in a category, then differentiate it from that category with three points.) (Underline thesis, put parallel clauses in BOLD.)


M - Main Idea (Topic Sentence - introduce 1st point and support thesis)

E - Evidence (Proof for your point)

A - Analyze it (Explain your proof)

L - Link back to Main Point/Thesis


Restate thesis in different words

Finale (Generally a “greater significance” ending, but this one can just be a funny clincher)

Style Requirements:

1. Exercise your “Voice” (mine is colloquial, and facetious/sarcastic).

2. Have at least one sentence opener per paragraph that ISN’T a subject opener, and identify it in green.

3. Use one literary device and identify it in red.

4. Appeal to at least three different senses in your description and identify them in blue.

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