ENG101 - Critical Reading & Writing

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H - Hook (choose one of the five)

O - Offer a bridge or background

T - Thesis (3 points with parallel structure)

(For your thesis, put your subject in a category, then differentiate it from that category with three points.) (Underline thesis, put parallel clauses in BOLD.)


M - Main Idea (Topic Sentence - introduce 1st point and support thesis)

E - Evidence (Proof for your point)

A - Analyze it (Explain your proof)

L - Link back to Main Point/Thesis


  1. Restate thesis in different words
  2. Finale (Generally a “greater significance” ending, but this one can just be a funny clincher)

Style Requirements:

  • 1. Exercise your “Voice” (mine is colloquial, and facetious/sarcastic).
  • 2. Have at least one sentence opener per paragraph that ISN’T a subject opener, and identify it in green.
  • 3. Use one literary device and identify it in red.
  • 4. Appeal to at least three different senses in your description and identify them in blue.