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Paper #3

Type: Process Comparison

Weighting: 10%

Length: 700-900 words (hint: if you are finding your paper is too short, increase the amount of "E"s and "A"s in each body paragraph!)

Thesis Statement Due: Wednesday, October 23 -

Final Paper Due: Sunday, October 27

Grading Rubric

/25 Content: Compare two process and prove one is "more" something than the other. (Don't just compare them and not make an argument proving something.)

/25 Structure: HOT MEAL approach (see tab here entitled "Essay Format")

/25 Style:

*descriptive language (use imagery that appeals to at least three senses & builds thesis) BLUE*

*literary devices (three different instances of any lit device used to build thesis) RED*

*rhetoric (two different uses — choose from logos, ethos, or pathos) ORANGE*

*non-subject sentence openers (two for each paragraph) GREEN*

*voice (choose one and be consistent throughout - i.e. satirical, colloquial, professional) (unmarked)

*use strong verbs

/25 Mechanics: MLA format; free of grammatical errors

My Example

If I were to write this paper, given my knowledge, my interests, and my experience (remember… write about what you know and what you love!), I would write an essay COMPARING and CONTRASTING the PROCESS of raising boys to the process of raising girls. My thesis would be that raising young boys is more challenging than raising girls, and I would prove this by comparing the process of applying discipline, teaching hygiene, and providing education (body paragraphs). Within each body paragraph, I would use the EXPLANATORY approach to a process paper. My voice would likely be satirical.

Here’s what my outline would look like:

Introduction (HOT)

Hook: anecdote

Offer a background (that logically links the hook to my thesis)

Thesis: Raising boys is not for the weak at heart; mothers of girls have it easy.

Body 1 - Enforcing Discipline is more challenging for boys than girls.(MEAL)

Body 2- Ensuring Hygiene is more challenging for boys than girls. (MEAL)

Body 3 - Achieving Education is more challenging for boys than girls. (MEAL)

(*Add more "E"a and "A"s in order to make a longer paper.)


* Restate my thesis

* Greater significance of what I’ve just argued

Here is a SAMPLE INTRODUCTION that includes the HOT structure and the stylistic devices:

As my sister and I carefully observed our four-year-olds at play in the homemade sandbox in her backyard last fall, it finally dawned on me why she looked so pristine — sandy blond hair pulled neatly into a French twist, dark lashes framing her perfectly outlined eyelids, ruby-filled lips coloring her freshly powdered face. Glancing in the puddle beside me to try to assess the reflection of my own visage, I softly sighed. It hadn’t even occurred to me to try to “make myself up” this morning. What mother-of-boys had the time? It had been all I could muster to get Finn out the door and into the car and get here late, if at all. I glanced back at the kids: Finn, with his unruly mop of hair and dirt-smeared face was careening through the box, sand flying in tidal waves either side of him, oblivious to the distress of those around him being pelted. Mary-Ruth, on the other hand, my sister’s child, sat beautifully in the corner — cascading golden curls and milky-white skin — her face only marred by a furrowed brow. She was as transfixed by this obnoxious performance as was her mother. Embarrassed, once again, because of my spawn, I buried my face in my hands. Yes, I know all mothers of toddlers are exhausted and overwhelmed, but mothers of girls cannot possible understand the depth of defeat to which we mothers of boys sink on a daily basis. Every mother does have it rough during these years, it’s true, but in terms of exacting discipline, of enforcing hygiene, and of ensuring education, mothers of boys enter the first circle of hell.

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