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Paper #5

Argumentative Paper - 20% of course grade

Due Date: Sunday, Dec. 15 @ midnight

Length: 1200—-1500 words


Claim: Compose a thesis that is derived from a controversial topic (see list below for ideas). Narrow and soften that claim so that it is plausible. This should be your last sentence in your introduction. This sentence does not have to contain the points that you will be arguing.

Sources: JSTOR, Galileo, Google Scholar - only CREDIBLE sources

Works Cited: at least four sources - properly cited. Three must be attained from Galileo or JSTOR.

Evidence: Use three (of the five) types of evidence within your paper: facts (green), stats (blue), personal experience (yellow), expert testimony (purple), or example (red). You should use evidence in each body paragraph twice, but I’m only asking to identify three total.

Rhetoric: Use two of the three types (Logos, Pathos, Ethos) within your paper. Identify two in italics.

MEALS: The number of body paragraphs you use is up to you (you’ll need at least three). Be sure to address a counter argument at least once and refute it as one of your "EAs." (Example: Although some activists assert that sweatshops are inhumane due to their working conditions, many sweatshop employees testify that…)

Point of View: First or third (not second)

Style: sophisticated language, variety of sentence structure, and use of literary devices. (no identification by color required)

Voice: Choose one that will most effectively communicate your argument. Do not ostracize your audience. Watch satire - it could backfire on you if you aren’t careful. Don’t come across as bitter, that will lose you credibility. Be positive, friendly, knowledgable, and compassionate. Be reasonable.

Logical Fallacy; Identify at least one logical fallacy used by the opposing side, and refute it. Identify this with BOLD FONT.

Possible Subjects (just to name a few)

Gun Control *Vaccines* Politics *Religion* Dating*

Euthanasia *Gender Issues* Drinking Age*Drugs Legalized* Military

Standardized Testing* Pop Culture *Censorship *Feminism* Sports*

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